Our Produce

​Everything we grow is 100% certified organic. We do not use any chemicals or pesticides on our fields. The list of vegetables we have available during a typical growing season is long and growing yearly. If you're looking for something specific and you don't see it below, contact us...we might still have it.

Diakon   ​Sui Choy   ​Radicchio  ​Cauliflower  ​Bok Choy  Red Beets

​Leek    ​Sweet Corn  Carrots   Green Leaf Lettuce Romaine​ Lettuce    Red Leaf ​Lettuce   ​Fennel    ​Green Kale Black Kale    Gold Beets

CelerySwiss Chard ​Collard Greens   Red Cabbage  Fennel    Zucchini

​Buttercup Squash  Savoy Cabbage Dandy Greens Green Cabbage ​   Red Onions   Sugar Pumpkins   Shallots ​  sweet Onions  Cilantro

Green Onions   Spaghetti squash  Italian Parsley  Butternut squash

​Celery Root   ​Acorn squash   ​Radish   ​Pumpkins   Bell Peppers

​Red Kale   ​Sugar Peas  ​Curly Parsley   ​Garlic  ​Brussel Sprouts

​Yellow potatoes  ​Red Potatoes  ​Basil  Snow Peas  ​Purple Potatoes